Youth Missions Trip

June 16th-June 21st This year they youth group is going to serve on a Native American Reservation.

Youth Missions Trip

This year, instead of doing youth camp, we are going to go to a Native American Reservation in New Mexico to help a Christian mission. The group we will be serving at the Four Corners Home for Children, helping with a bit of construction as well as engaging with the kids at the orphanage.

50$ Deposit Due by May 1st.

I am still in conversation with the people there, and working on setting up transportation and other things, because of this we do not have a full cost, but it will definitely be below the normal cost of camp, 300$. I will update this when I am sure of the price.

We will be doing the bake auction fundraiser in April which should help offset a good amount of the cost for your students if they participate.