Connection Groups

Connection groups provide a place to form friendships and apply Scripture to our lives


When someone says “yes” to God as their Father, they are simultaneously saying “yes” to everyone else who has said “yes” to God. God adopts us into a family of faith. This is not simply a gift to be received, but just like being a healthy family takes intentionality and work, so it is with this family. The purpose of our Connection Groups is to experience this community, and grow closer together. The time in our groups is focused on discussing the sermon from the message Sunday’s worship service. This allows us to explore the content more deeply and hold each other accountable to living out God’s truths.

The Power of Connection Groups

Find the Group Right for You

All of our groups keep an open seat and are ready for someone new to join. Maybe that someone is you.

We have Groups that meet Sunday mornings at 9:00 am. Others meet during the week in area homes.

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