Jesus Saves - But How?!

An I.Q. Church Class on the Atonement

Jesus Saves - But How?

Embark on a journey to the heart of our faith with our "Jesus Saves-But How?" class, a four-week deep dive into the profound mystery and power of Jesus's life, death, and resurrection, what theologians call: the Atonement. In each session we explore a different aspect of how Jesus's sacrifice impacts our lives and reshapes our existence:

  • Week 1: Substitution & Sacrifice - Grasp how Jesus, bearing our sins, offers us forgiveness and grace through His ultimate sacrifice.
  • Week 2: Defeat & Dominion - Uncover the victory of Jesus over darkness, liberating us from the grip of the Devil, sin and death.
  • Week 3: Reunion & Recapitulation - Discover Jesus's mission to renew humanity and restore our broken relationship with God and each other.
  • Week 4: Demonstration & Devotion - Learn about Jesus's act of love that not only proves God's love for us but also guides us toward a life of true devotion.

Watch The Sessions

Class 1: Substitution & Sacrifice

Week 1: Substitution & Sacrifice

Class 2: Defeat & Dominion

Week 2: Defeat & Dominion

Class 3: Reunion & Recapitulation

Week 3: Reunion & Recapitulation

Class 4: Demonstration & Devotion

Week 4: Demonstration & Devotion

Hands-On Learning

Every class includes not only a time of learning through lecture, but a "hands-on" time to practice reading and interpreting key Bible texts.

You will leave this class with a deeper appreciation of Jesus's victory and a broader understanding of the Good News of Jesus.