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Addressing common questions and objections about the Christian faith

Exploring Common Objections

Think of this page as a free online course that addresses some of the biggest questions people have about Jesus and faith. Topics include: religious pluralism, the intersection of faith and science, the reliability of the New Testament, and the problem of evil. We invite you to explore these materials with the hope they will help you discover meaningful answers that can deepen your understanding of Christianity.

As you engage with these materials, we hope they provide clarity, encouragement, and inspiration on your quest for understanding. Should you have further questions or if you'd like to share what you are learning with someone on staff, we'd love to grab coffee with you. You can schedule a meeting with us here.

Can't everyone be right?

"All religions contain some truth," "That may be true for you, but not for me," "Religion is a matter of preference, not truth." These are common sentiments about faith, but are they right? Join us as we delve into the complexities of doubt, religious exclusivity, and the pursuit of truth.

Is it wrong for religions to make exclusive claims?

Do we have to choose between faith and science?

Join us as we discover whether the common perception of faith and science being at odds holds true. Delve into the limitations of science and its inability to explain the event that caused the natural world's existence. Venture into cosmology, and contemplate the question, "Why is there something, rather than nothing?"

Does science disprove faith?

Can we really trust the New Testament accounts of Jesus?

Many throughout history have pondered the question: Who is Jesus? In this teaching--from the Alpha program--we aim to delve deeper into his identity and the impact he has had on the world. From various sources, both Christian and non-Christian, we find accounts that attest to his existence as a real person who lived in first-century Palestine. But Jesus is more than just a historical figure. He claimed to be the Son of God, the long-awaited Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. This claim has sparked centuries of controversy and debate. Was he truly divine, or was he merely a wise teacher or a moral leader?

Note: Alpha is a program designed for people who are searching for answers to life's biggest questions. Instead of making our own teaching video on this important subject, we are directing you here to one of their excellent video resources.

Can we trust the New Testament accounts of Jesus?

If God is good, why do bad things happen?

If there is a God, and He is really good, why doesn't He do something to stop evil in the world? Delve into this age-old dilemma as we grapple with the existence of evil and suffering in the world, seeking to find meaning and understanding in the face of such challenges.

The Problem of Evil