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Addressing common questions and objections about the Christian faith

Is it really about faith in faith?

You can explore the claims of Christianity without relying on guesswork or blind faith. Unlike some religions that promote faith in something unverifiable, at the heart of the Christian faith is Jesus of Nazareth—a real person who walked this earth 2,000 years ago. Just like researching the life of Abraham Lincoln, you can dig deeper into historical accounts and discover the evidence that supports his existence.

Helping you Explore

Think of this page as a free online course that addresses some of the biggest questions people have about Jesus and faith. Topics include: religious pluralism, the intersection of faith and science, the reliability of the New Testament, and the problem of evil. We invite you to explore these materials with the hope they will help you discover meaningful answers that can deepen your understanding of Christianity.

As you engage with these materials, we hope they provide clarity, encouragement, and inspiration on your quest for understanding. Should you have further questions or if you'd like to share what you are learning with someone on staff, we'd love to grab coffee with you. You can schedule a meeting with us here.

Exploring Common Objections

Exploring the Basics of Faith