Youth Spring Retreat

5pm March 8th-10am March 10th. Join us as we grow in community and explore the book of James.

Youth Spring Retreat

Cost 30$

We will be doing a Spring Retreat from 5pm on March 8th till church on Sunday Morning. This retreat will focus on understanding the book of James and how it can apply to our lives.

We will also have a bunch of other activities, like a Mall Scavenger Hunt, a hike and other fun things.

We will have the small groups, High School Girls, High School Guys, Middle School Girls, and Middle School Guys stay at different houses of people in the congregation and will meet up at the church and other locations during the days for activities and messages. Feel free to invite friends and other students interested in learning more about Christ, the book of James and how to apply it our relationship with Christ to our lives.

For any Extra Info contact Jake Silvera at 720-369-6799 or at