Whether you are religious or not, you have a certain way of viewing the world. You have core convictions that you hold to be correct. So do I. But if you’re honest with yourself, you also have doubts. So do I. Everyone has questions about whether or not their views are right—if they have the whole truth about the whole world. In other words, everyone has doubts.


Although some people are scared by doubt, we believe that doubts are natural, and can be a good thing. Doubts can drive us to seek the truth. So we are going to take a day to get to know each other better, play crazy games, eat good food, and explore and discuss the doubts we all have about faith. Our goal will be to let those doubts drive us to seek truth together. It is going to be entertaining, challenging, and probably exhausting. But it will be worth it, because there are some questions that are too big to ignore. Will you join us?



One-Day Youth Retreat

Basic Info

This one-day retreat is for local middle school and high school students and will be held at Creekside Community Church (36100 County Road 13) on Saturday, March 10th from 9 am-8 pm.


The day will be spent alternating between the following activities:

  • Games aimed at breaking down walls between students and developing relationships.

  • TED-Talk style teaching sessions aimed at informing students about the dynamics of faith and doubt.

  • Small Group Discussion aimed at offering a safe place for students to talk about their questions and doubts (students will be divided into groups based off of age and gender—middle school girls together, high school boys together, etc.)

The retreat will conclude with a trip to Gymnastics etc. to bounce on trampolines, rope-swing into the foam pit, and try your hand at the obstacle course and warped wall.

The total cost for this retreat is $20, which includes cost of all meals, t-shirt and the gym fee for our time at Gymnastics etc.

Here is a link to the packet, which includes all forms and deadlines.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Luke Heirendt at (303) 710-9226.

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