Church Education

Christianity vs Other Religions

Christianity vs. Mormonism

In this first class we discuss Mormonism and how it came about. We also talk about evangelistic strategies for reaching Mormons with the Gospel.

Christianity vs Islam

In our second class in this series we learned about Islam, its history, main leaders, and strategies for reaching our Muslim neighbors.

Christianity vs Jehovah's Witnesses

In the third installment of this series we learned about the Jehovah's Witnesses: where this movement came from, how it has changed over the years, and strategies for reaching J.W.'s with the love of Christ.

Christianity vs Itself

In our final class of this series we talked about various groups and denominations within the Christian movement. We had a brief overview of the history of Christianity, and then we discussed questions such as: What are the differences between Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, how did we get so many different denominations, and what makes someone a Christian?

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